At our 1st Clanfield Scout Troop, we offer a diverse and exciting program for participants of all abilities. Our Scouts program is specifically designed for teenagers aged 10.5-14 years of any gender. Our program is centred around developing skills, building a sense of responsibility and having fun in an outdoor setting. Our volunteer leaders work tirelessly to ensure that every member in our program is given the opportunity to make friendships, learn something new, and go on adventures in a safe, supportive environment.

Our sessions run from 19:15-21:00 every Monday during term time.

What we do

Get Outdoors

Time outside is vital for young people of any age. Some of our previous physical activities have included hiking, sailing, rock climbing, caving, crate stacking and abseiling. We always take our Scouts away on camp or on nights away at least once a year. As older members of Scouting there are many opportunities for national and international camps, such as the worldwide Jamboree.

Learn new skills

We aim to introduce our Scouts to useful skills and have previously done wood whittling, cooking and budgeting. Preparing Scouts for adult life with vital skills and building their leadership potential.

Make new friends

Spend time with friends – old and new! Scouts is a great place to hang out with like minded people outside of school. We also focus on volunteering within the community and taking an interest in wider social concerns.

Earn Badges

Challenge Badges

Challenge Badges are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Try out something you wouldn’t normally be interested in. Take the lead on something that scares you. There are 9 Challenge Award Badges Scouts must complete to achieve their Chief Scout Gold Award. These are the Personal Challenge Award badge, World Challenge Award badge, Outdoor Challenge Award badge, Adventure Challenge Award badge, Skills Challenge Award badge, Teamwork Challenge Award badge, Team Leader Challenge Award badge, Creative Challenge Award badge and Expedition Challenge Award badge.

Activity Badges

Become an expert in something you love, or try something shiny and new. From caving and DIY to fire safety and farming, there’s something for every Scout. There are 61 Activity Badges, six are required to achieve the Chief Scout Gold Award.

Staged Badges

Staged Badges are achieved by Scouts throughout their Scouting journey. They can start earning them from Beavers onward and all the way through to Explorers. There are 15 Staged Badges that Scouts can earn. From Stage 1 First Aid all the way to Stage 50 Hikes Away.

Meet Our Scout Leaders

Our leaders are all volunteers who are passionate about helping young people grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. We aim to provide a variety of activities that challenge and inspire children, helping them learn valuable life skills along the way.


Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader


Where can I buy the uniform? 

Uniform can be purchased at our local scout shop, second hand or online from the Scout website. We require a Scout uniform shirt and trousers. Our purple and green scarfs can be purchased from us prior to investiture, or they can retain their scarf if coming up from Clanfield Cubs or Beavers. Scouts are also given a woggle in the style of their Patrol. We ask that scouts wear practical shoes to their sessions. 

Do I need to buy the badges? 

There is no need to buy badges as these are provided by the section as part of our termly budget. We do our best to ensure all Scouts have a chance to complete their Chief Scout Gold Award by the time they are ready to move onto Explorers and plan our sessions with badges in mind. If sewing is not your forte, then badge glue can be purchased online.

How much does the membership fee cost? 

We charge a small fee per term for each Scout. This is currently £40, but can change depending on the programme, however we always strive to keep costs as low as possible. Your fee will go towards our adventure activities, supplies and badges. Camps will incur an extra cost, which we try to keep as low as possible whilst providing the most fun and adventure.

Can I stay with my child for the session

Our Scouting Guidelines require 1 adult per 12 Scouts. We are happy for parents to help cover us, especially if we are running a session outside of our usual meeting place or on camps away. 

What can new Scouts expect from the session?

Our Scout sessions start at 19:15 on a Monday evening. This is usually in our meeting hall, however any changes to our location will be communicated via email before the session. We start with our flag ceremony. Then we will proceed with the planned session – our programme is curated by our Scouts so there is always something for everyone! 

Within their Troop, Scouts are part of a Patrol – smaller groups of Scouts who look out for one another. Scouts gather in their Patrols at the beginning and end of meetings. They might also stick together on expeditions or trips away, or during certain activities.

Once we have finished with our activities we end with the Flag Down Ceremony. These ceremonies help provide structure and remind our Scouts of the Scouting values. Parents arrive to pick their Scouts up for the end of session at 21:00 or they are free to make their own way home if agreed before hand.

Where can I find the programme?

We use OSM (Online Scout Manager) which is a platform used to simplify our record keeping (such as keeping track of your child’s badge progress). It also has a parent portal which allows you to communicate with the leaders and stay up to date. Parents can also easily sign up to help each session. Our programme for the term can be found on here, and a sign-up link is provided upon your Scout joining the Troop.

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